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17 December 2013

Nexmo Account Making Trick in Pakistan

Making account on nexmo in now a days is never easy and because there are restrictions on registering on and it often asks for company email address for signing up on it. Let me tell you what is company email addressThe email address used by companies is known as company email address and it is quite different from simple/common used email addresses. see example:
  •                    (Not a company email address)
  • (Company email address)
  •                     (Company email address)
Where to get company email address
Company email address is delivered to people running companies online or someone working on premium/paid hosting like wordpress which means, it is not for free.
Registering On Nexmo Without Company Email Address
Now let me tell you the method to register on nexmo without any company email address. 
A. First of all
  1. Go to and register for new gmail account
  2. Your username must start with nexmo and than any number after it e.g nexmo11, nexmo23, nexmo234
  3. Your password must be nexmopro9
 B. Now, after successfully registering a fresh id on gmail, Go to and fill the form as:

How to create nexmo free account

  • First name: Nexmo
  • Last name: Pro9
  • Email: Your email id created above e.g
  • Password: nexmopro9 (Password of new created gmail id as per step 2 above)
  •  In the last, enter verification word and hit enter. A verification email will be sent to your email id, log in to your id and verify your account
Now send below given details to
Through sms +12609016060 (sms can freely be sent through gmail chat)
  1. Your gmail username (created above step 2)
  2. Your gmail password (creatd above step 3)
  3. Country name
  4. Write this credit card number in mail
  5. Your mobile number (Active mobile number to get sms alerts from nexmo) 
Now, you are done and there are too much chances that you will get nexmo premium account with unlimited fake sms sending so, try to be accurate at sending your information. After sending the above information to nexmo (, they will reply within 24 to 48 hours to you with premium account. Their reply can be more late than 48 hours so be patient and wait for your premium account.


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