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29 November 2012

Monster Truck Nitro PC Racing Game Full Free Download

Monster truck races are very popular in America. You know, those pick-ups with incredibly big wheels that can run over anything on their way to the finish line.Monster Trucks Nitro now lets you taste these action-packed races in a fun, colorful game that challenges your speed behind the steering-wheel but also your ability to control jumps and falls when getting over different kinds of obstacles.

The Monster Trucks Nitro demo only includes two levels but is able to give you a complete view of the game. Try to finish each track within the time limit and if your score is high enough you'll unlock new tracks and vehicles.

Monster Trucks Nitro features very good graphics, though the most outstanding element in the game is its physics. The trucks have a permanent fight against gravity when jumping and flying over obstacles, and these react in different ways when you hit them.

The only thing I didn't like about the game was its point of view. It's difficult to get used to a side perspective, and the camera mode switching function doesn't improve it. Anyway the side perspective is probably the best way to enjoy your jumps.

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28 November 2012

UCweb Browser for All Mobile Free Download

UC Browser the FASTEST and SMARTEST Mobile browser. UC Browser for Mobile provides you fast and smooth Web surfing experience from Mobile. It's a totally free app. Adaptable configuration helps you adjust your way of browsing under different network connections, reduce data cost and speed up page loading with compression.

UC Browser for ANDROID

for iOS(iPhone)
for Java
For BlackBerry

Zuma Revenge Adventure PC Game Full Free Download

24 November 2012

Avira System SpeedUP 2013 Full Version Free Download

Avira System Speedup 2013 is a comprehensive PC tuneup utility capable of safely optimizing your system to provide faster, error-free performance.
The performance of a computer is reduced in time, as it collects junk files, programs, logs, cookies and other useless data. Cleaning the computer manually can prove to be as complicated as it is Avira System Speedup is capable of doing this without damaging your computer in any way and more thoroughly than most users can. It will remove unused files and programs, temporary files, invalid or incorrect registry entries and others.

Lightens your computer load
The System Cleanup module includes a complete set of tools that swiftly and safely clear out PC clutter. Recover significant amounts of wasted space with a Junk Files Cleaner, Registry Cleaner and Smart Defragmenter. Activate the Privacy Cleaner to clear out the data downloaded in your everyday web browsing.

Goes to the source of slowness, freezes and crashes
All PCs must run a number of processes behind the scenes. As new applications are added, background activity can grow chaotic, resulting in errors and hanging. The System Optimizer, complete with a Process Manager and Service Manager, puts wayward PC processes back on track. The Startup Manager speeds up boot time by limiting the number of tasks performed while Windows loads.

Thoroughly inspects your PC health
No appointment is necessary to have the Disk Doctor find, diagnose and repair hard disk errors. The Disk Analyzer checks for opportunities to improve disk space usage. For preventive care, the Drivers monitor keeps track of the software that links your operating system to your hardware, reducing the risk of hardware failure.

21 November 2012

Driver Robot v2.5.4.2 Latest Full Version Free Download

Driver Robot has the world's largest driver database. Its fast scan is guaranteed to identify the right driver for your system. Download it now and get the latest official drivers for your PC.

With Driver Robot, you never need to worry about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver - Driver Robot's scan engine and database ensures you always get the latest official driver.

Driver Robot's massive database, perfect scan, and guaranteed driver availability means that you only have to press one button to download all of the correct drivers for your system. Stop doing it the hard way - let Driver Robot update your system automatically.

Optimize your PC's performance with new drivers
Many people don't realize how important having the latest drivers is. Hardware manufacturers often release drivers that improve performance, enhance functionality, and generally make your PC faster on a regular basis - if you know where to find them, and which ones to get. Driver Robot does this automatically for you, so you know that your PC is always operating at 100% efficiency.

Driver Robot updates for
  1. Sound card drivers
  2. Printer drivers
  3. Video card drivers
  4. Motherboard drivers
  5. Webcam drivers
  6. Wireless drivers
  7. Bluetooth drivers
  8. FireWire drivers
  9. Ethernet drivers
  10. Windows XP drivers
  11. Windows Vista drivers
  12. USB drivers
  13. Chipset drivers
  14. AC97 drivers
  15. DVD drivers
  16. Router drivers

18 November 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars Full PC Version Free Download

Angry Birds Star Wars is still an Angry Birds game, meaning you’ll spend your time flinging different birds at various pig enemies. 

There is, however, a deep Star Wars layer on top of the whole experience. The birds are now modeled after characters from the movies (e.g. the red one is Luke Skywalker, the black one is Obi Wan Kenobi, etc.) while the pigs are now Stormtroopers and the environments use a variety of backgrounds and props modeled after the series.

 This integration of the Star Wars franchise doesn’t stop here, as the birds can even use different objects, from Luke’s lightsaber, to Obi Wan’s Force push, to Han Solo’s blaster (apparently, he shoots first in the game).

Throw in the fact that the levels manage to combine not just regular ones seen in the first games in the series, but also the newer space-based ones seen in Angry Birds Space, and the experience is quite varied.

While flinging Luke and Obi Wan against the pigtroopers is rather simple in the first few stages, which are set on Tatooine, things get more complicated in space and aboard the monstrous Pig Star. Those who are really talented can even unlock special bonus levels that feature birds based on R2-D2 and C-3PO, each with unique powers.

While you’ll spend quite a lot of time with the game, especially if you want to obtain three stars on all the stages, you can also opt to purchase a special Dagobah DLC that feature Yoda and a special lightsaber reward.

16 November 2012

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2013 Full Version Free Download

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2013 cleans and defragments your registry, updates your drivers and optimizes system and resource management, giving your PC the ultimate performance step-up. Once your system is fully optimized, a convenient scan-scheduling function provides professional and ongoing maintenance to keep you running smooth, fast and effcient.

RegistryBooster, DriverScanner and SpeedUpMyPC within a single interface, PowerSuite increases and protection of vulnerable groups, but very important element of the system are tied to the speed and stability. Remove harmful registry entries to reduce the number of errors and data conflicts Defragment registry to improve the efficiency of data processing

13 November 2012

PC Tools Performance Toolkit v2.1 Full Version Free Download

PC Tools Performance Toolkit is a Powerfully simple tools to clean up, speed up, and keep your PC safe from disaster. Speed Up Your PC and Fix Windows Errors Built on PC Tools Registry Mechanic's award-winning technology. Boost Windows Startup Time Bring back that new PC feeling with powerfully simple tools. Protect Your Privacy Keep your computer browsing and search history private. Scan and Recover Find and recover lost music, photos, and other documents. Remove Duplicate Files Regain precious disk space and tidy up your files. New Uninstaller Gain disk space and resources by finding and removing programs you don't use.

Powerfully Simple
You want your PC to work faster, but you don't want to spend countless hours tweaking system settings. PC Tools Performance Toolkit is a fresh, new experience; combining the trusted, powerful tools you need with the simplicity you want.

Trusted Performance
Meet Registry Mechanic's bigger brother. PC Tools Performance Toolkit contains simple tools to revitalize and bring back that new PC feeling.

Personal Privacy
What you do on your PC is nobody else's business. With robust privacy tools, PC Tools Performance Toolkit helps ensure that your personal computer use stays well, personal.

Robust Recovery
PC Tools Performance Toolkit has you covered so you don't lose those important files, folders, photos, or even entire hard drives.
Powerfully simple tools to clean up, speed up, and keep your PC safe from disaster.

PC Tools Performance Toolkit Features
Clean and Compact Registry
Speed up your PC by cleaning and repairing errors.

Defragment Disks
Optimize and defrag drives for faster access.

Optimize Windows
Speed up Windows with PC Tools’ preset optimizations.

Boost Windows Startup and Shutdown
Speed up your startup and shutdown times.

Find Duplicate Files
Remove duplicate files to improve drive performance.

Cleanly uninstall unwanted programs
Remove leftover traces of unwanted programs, leaving your PC free of clutter.

Clear Cookies and Browser History
Erases Internet activities from your browsers.

Clear Browser Passwords and Form Data
Erases saved passwords and form information.

Clear Temporary and Deleted Files
Free up hard drive space by clearing unused files.

Clear Recent File History
Erases your recently opened files lists.

Shared Files
Permanently shreds files and folders from your computer.

Bleach Disks
Permanently wipes your deleted files, making them unrecoverable.

Recover Lost Files
Find and recover music, photos and documents.

Repair Drives
Analyze and repair your drives.

10 November 2012

Top 10 Basic Health Tips

This Tips Help  Make Your Body Fit and Healthy  as Young. We Have Post Many Health Related Tips as Soon as Possiable ETC Skin Health Tips, Hair Tips, Skin Whitening Tips. So go Back to the Topic 

Move extra
Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Play with your kids; throw balls with friends, trim the lawn. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it’s a stress buster. Think ‘move’ in small increments of time. It doesn’t have to be an hour in the gym. But that’s great when you’re up to it. Meanwhile, move more.

Cut Fat
Avoid such as fried foods, burgers and other fatty meals. Dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese, milk and cream should be eaten in low fat versions. Nuts and sandwich meats, mayonnaise, margarine, butter and sauces should be eaten in limited amounts. Most are available in lower fat versions such as substitute butter, fat free cheeses and mayonnaise.

Give up Smoking
Smoking is harmful to your health.

Reduce Stress
Easier said than done, stress busters come in many forms. Some techniques recommended by experts are to think positive thoughts. Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like. (i.e; walk on the beach or in a park; read a good book; visit a friend; play with your baby; listen to soothing music; watch a funny movie. Get a massage, a facial or a haircut. Meditate. Count to ten before losing your temper or getting aggravated. Avoid difficult people when possible.

Protect Yourself from Pollution
If you can’t live in a smog-free environment, at least avoid smoke-filled rooms, high traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes and exercising near busy thoroughfares. Exercise indoors in air conditioning when air quality is good. It’s a good pollution and dirt from the street deterrent.

Floss Your Teeth
Recent studies make a direct connection between longevity and teeth flossing. Nobody knows exactly why. Perhaps it’s because people who floss tend to be more health conscious than people who don’t? Thought for the day: Floss and be your body’s boss.

Keep a optimistic Mental point of view
There’s a definitive connection between living well and healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life.

5 November 2012

RegCure pro 3.1.2 Full Version Free Download

RegCure Pro 3.1.2 is a tool that can fix errors which occur with your Windows registry keys, in order to improve the performance level of your computer.

RegCure Pro is packed with the tools you need to boost your PC's speed and performance. Featuring an intuitive interface and easy-to-use work flow, RegCure Pro scans common problem areas and quickly and safely fixes them. As well, it has several tools and features to address other performance and computing issues.

RegCure Pro's System Scan seeks out and then fixes

System Errors: The Windows registry is a complicated database that keeps track of all kinds of settings and relationships for your computer's hardware, software, users and preferences. Over time the registry can become unstable and corrupt. Cleaning it can solve many performance issues. RegCure Pro cleans ActiveX, shared DLLs, uninstall entries, file path references, shell extensions, application paths and other errors.

Malware Protection: There are all kinds of viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware looking to infect your machine. These can try to steal your credit card or banking information or try to take over your PC or another devious task. Many forms of malware hurt your computer's performance. RegCure Pro's malware scanner finds active malware and kicks it off your machine.
Performance Issues: At any given time, various programs and processes are running on your PC. If too many are happening or if some are very resource intensive, poor performance can occur. RegCure Pro identifies unneeded process that are just slowing your computer down.

Privacy Items: Your computer stores a vast amount of information - and sometimes that's not good! Information added to your computer through your regular Internet browsing and file use could be used for targeted phishing schemes, identity theft and similar crimes. RegCure Pro wipes away confidential information: passwords, login credentials, credit card numbers, banking data and much more.

Junk Files: Unneeded items just take up space on your PC. RegCure Pro efficiently cleans away junk files, temporary items and clutter.

Key features of RegCure Pro

  • Cleans away Windows registry errors
  • Ejects active viruses, spyware and other malware
  • Stops unneeded processes and startup items
  • Deletes privacy files that could contain confidential info
  • Optimize memory by defragmenting
  • Improve startup times by managing processes launches at boot up
  • Disable unwanted Browser Helper Objects that can slow down your browser.


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