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30 June 2012

Chota Bheem 15 Games Collection For PC Free Download

There are 15 Chota Beam Games Included in this Pack.
  1. Boat Racing
  2. Cricket patshala
  3. Hit ti Score Kumbhkaran
  4. Savior of Dholakpur
  5. Stop The Boundry
  6. Ladoo Chalange
  7. Matka Cricket
  8. Cricket Challenge
  9. Dholakpur Open
  10. Ladoo Mania
  11. Dholakpur ka Umpire
  12. Monkey Ambush
  13. Tarket Practice
  14. Cricket Panga Book Cricket
  15. Bull Racing

29 June 2012

Mr Bean Game for PC Free Download

Mr Bean is on his wackiest adventure yet and he inviting you along for the ride. Teddy been kidnapped by a mysterious villain, and Mr Bean needs your help to find the ransom 1,000 cat biscuits. This action packed comedy game is based on the smash hit animated TV series and stars all Mr Bean famous friends and foes, including his beloved Irma Gobb and Scrapper, the mischievous moggy.
12 fun packed levels full of cunning puzzles, crazy traps and wacky enemies.
Two players can play against each other in over 20 mini games.
Unlock exclusive clips from the hilarious animated TV show.

1000 Beautiful Urdu English and Farsi Fonts Free Download

This is 1000 Most Beautiful Fonts. You Will Apply This Font in Paint ,MS Word and Other Text Documents Which Make You Documents More Beautiful.

Extract Rar File.
Copy All Style and Paste into "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts"
ENJOY This All Style

28 June 2012

How to add You Might Also Like widget in Blogger Posts

This is a great way for people to see previous posts that they might otherwise not have stumbled upon. You will get more traffic and more people viewing your other blog posts. This is what it will look like when you are finished.

Follow My Step To Learn How To add it.

1. Go to and fill out the area you see circled below. 

2. It will then take you to the follow page.

3. Follow the easy steps to Add "You Might Also Like" Widget To Blogger Post & ENJOY

Shade Wrath Of Angels PC Game Full Version Free Download

Shade Wrath of Angels boasts 30 levels of intense action, featuring environments from the modern day, Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt and the mysterious Shadowland. The player takes on the role of a secretive ex military mercenary, who receives a letter from his brother asking to meet him in an old Eastern European town. Once there the player finds the town strangely quiet until he discovers dead bodies, frighten soldiers and scientists running away from the town. It is at this point that the player first meets a sinister shadow being that offers him help and guidance for his adventure. As well as his advice, the shadow figure gives the player his servant the Demon, which the gamer can morph into at anytime and whose physical strength and magic attacks will play an important part of the adventure. Enter the world of Shade: Wrath of Angels where nothing is as it first appears! Prepare to leave everything you thought you knew behind, as you become enveloped in an ancient battle between good and evil, the outcome of which rest heavily on your shoulders. With the help of your inner demon, you will need to fight your way through the hoards of darkness and solve various problems to ensure your victory. Keep your wits about you and tread carefully, beware of the shadows for this is where evil lies.

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27 June 2012

Send Free SMS in Pakistan Without Registration

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CardRecovery 6.10 Full Version Free Download

CardRecovery is a  photo Vedio Audio recovery software for Memory Card & Hard Drive. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos from various memory cards. It supports most memory card types including SmartMedia, Compact Flash CF, Secure Digital Card SD, Memory Stick, Micro-drive, xD Picture Card, Multimedia Card MMC and more. The digital photo recovery software is a powerful data recovery tool for image recovery, picture recovery, photo rescue, data recovery, photo restore or digital media recovery whether files were deleted, the storage was damaged or formatted.


  1. Recover deleted photos from memory cards
  2. Recover lost photos from memory cards
  3. Recover photos from formatted memory cards
  4. Recover photos from damaged, unreadable or defective memory cards
  5. Recover photos from removable storage including floppy disks, Zip disks etc.
  6. Recover photo, audio/video, MP3, MP4 files from cellular phones, MP3 players, PDAs etc.
Supported Situations
  1. Photos deleted accidentally from memory cards 
  2. Photos loss due to formatting or "Delete All"
  3. Corruption due to the card being pulled out while your camera is on
  4. Damage due to turning your camera off during a write process
  5. Data corruption due to critical areas damage e.g. FAT, ROOT, BOOT area damage 
  6. Data loss due to using between different cameras/computers/devices

26 June 2012

Mame32 670 PC Games Full Version Free Download

                 This pack includes 670 Game
                 But This is Some Screen Shots



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Cue Club Snooker Game Full Version Free Download

Cue Club is a comprehensive and fully interactive pool simulation game. This free downloadable game prefers an overhead view of the table. You can play the entire game using only the mouse which makes the game instantly playable and highly addictive. You can choose from a variety of table designs and game types including UK 8 Ball U.S. 8 Ball 9 Ball Snooker Killer and Speed Pool. You find plenty to keep you occupied.

Cue Club includes 7 different pool game types which will keep players occupied for some time. Play US or European 8 ball, one of the most popular pool game types. Or for variety, try out 9 ball, where the balls are placed in a diamond and you must sink the balls in numerical order. Fans of Euro style play will enjoy playing the 2 different types of Snooker, one with 15 reds and one with 10. Play any of these game types on your own or against the computer.

When you feel confident enough, sign up for a tournament to compete for trophies or challenge other players in the chat room to compete for higher ranking memberships that will get you into different rooms.

The coolest feature of Cue Club are its great pool ball physics. The game is very realistic and balls move just as you would expect them to. Chalk up your cue, set the position where you want to strike the cue ball, set the power, and tweak other factors if you wish. With Cue Club, it is easy for a beginner to get going and full featured enough for the pool master to find hours and hours of enjoyment.

Pokemon Game Full Version Free Download

There have been many Pokemon games released all over the world. People of all ages love to play these games and it is not just younger children who enjoy Pokemon anymore, teenagers and adults are also playing and enjoying them. How many of these have you played and how many are you still looking for? There have been many games released on a lot of different platforms including Game Boy and Nintendo.

25 June 2012

King of the Road PC Game Full Version Free Download

Hurtle along winding roads at breakneck speed in the driving seat of a huge 32 ton truck. Zoom past speed cameras and blow through red lights, then dodge police cars that attempt to ram your truck off the road, while police helicopters shoot at you. Speed and skill are critical as you attempt to deliver your cargo, which may include guns or drugs, in the shortest possible time, eventually crowning you King of the Road! Stunning graphics, realistic vehicle physics and superb game play combine to create a fast, frantic and incredible playing experience. This is not a game for the faint hearted.

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