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3 June 2012

AD-Aware Pro internet Security Full Version Free Download

AD Aware Pro internet Security helps you combat the growing threats and latest advancements of malware and malicious spyware.
Lavasoft’s Ad Aware Pro is antispyware software with a name that would indicate it protects only against adware. But according to the software’s manufacturer, the tool constitutes a “complete line of defense” that protects against a range of known and harmful malware.

Ad Aware Pro is adept at locating most spyware and other malware. It performs better at detecting widespread, prevalent malware than it does hidden or stealth infections. The software’s proprietary Ad Watch Live! Expert technology provides real time protection from malware by monitoring the PC registry, files and processes. When malware strikes or an unauthorized change is attempted, Ad Watch stops the threat before it has a chance to cause system damage. The antispyware software also includes antiphishing tools, but they aren’t any better than what the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox already come with.

Most PCs should have no trouble running this antispyware tool without any noticeable system impact. If you’re doing something that requires optimum priority, such as watching a video or playing a game in full screen mode, and you don’t want to be interrupted, you can turn on the “Do Not Disturb Mode” to suspend resource intensive processes until you’re finished. There is also an integrated scheduler that allows you to set full scans to run whenever the computer is in idle mode. The software, however, is not very quick when it comes to scanning. With a scan rate of approximately 8MB per second, Ad Aware ranks towards the bottom of our antispyware software lineup in terms of scanning speed.

  1. Comprehensive malware protection
  2. Ad Watch Live! Basic real time protection
  3. Genocode detection technology
  4. Behavior based heuristics detection
  5. Rootkit removal system
  6. The Scheduler
  7. The Neutralizer
  8. Download Guard for Internet Explorer
  9. Simple Mode/Advanced Mode
  10. External drive scans    


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