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29 November 2012

Monster Truck Nitro PC Racing Game Full Free Download

Monster truck races are very popular in America. You know, those pick-ups with incredibly big wheels that can run over anything on their way to the finish line.Monster Trucks Nitro now lets you taste these action-packed races in a fun, colorful game that challenges your speed behind the steering-wheel but also your ability to control jumps and falls when getting over different kinds of obstacles.

The Monster Trucks Nitro demo only includes two levels but is able to give you a complete view of the game. Try to finish each track within the time limit and if your score is high enough you'll unlock new tracks and vehicles.

Monster Trucks Nitro features very good graphics, though the most outstanding element in the game is its physics. The trucks have a permanent fight against gravity when jumping and flying over obstacles, and these react in different ways when you hit them.

The only thing I didn't like about the game was its point of view. It's difficult to get used to a side perspective, and the camera mode switching function doesn't improve it. Anyway the side perspective is probably the best way to enjoy your jumps.

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