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7 August 2012

Angry Birds 3 in 1 PC Game Full Version Free Download

Angry Birds PC Game is to kill all pigs that you encounter in all stages. As you go up a level, the puzzle will be more complicated. You will be given number of birds which are also the number of turns that you need to beat a certain stage. If you fail to kill all the pigs, and you don’t have any bird left at hand, you need to repeat the stage.

There are woods, blocks of ice, steel boxes, bombs, cliffs, that will make the game difficult. Strategy is a must. Aim your target, then shoot the bird! Each bird has its own unique abilities.

                                            In This Game
The Red Birds
This is the most basic bird, the starter one. It just shoots towards the pigs, like a normal cannon ball. No special skills / abilities.

The Yellow Birds
The Yellow Bird is also known as the Woody Bird, because its main purpose is to destroy wooden barricades easily. You could click the mouse button upon the yellow bird’s launch to accelerate its speed and power.

The Blue Birds
The Blue Bird will be divided into three upon clicking the mouse button when launched in the air. These birds are commonly used to destroy ice cubes and ice walls. Very handy in mass destruction of ice structures.

The White Birds
The White Bird will lay an egg bomb when the mouse is clicked upon its flight. The egg bomb will destroy most of the structures, so timing is really needed. After the egg bomb is released, the white bird will be dramatically blown away out the screen.

So that it. There are more birds in the game. It’s for you to discover them and their specialties. The anry birds game is really fun and entertaining. This game also boosts and enhance your thinking and strategic skills. I recommend this game to all ages. Great game to play.


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