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3 September 2012

WiFi Connectify 3.4 Full Version Free Download

WiFi Connectify Setting up a wireless network is usually done using a dedicated router but there is a specialized application, called Connectify that can do that without needing the hardware device. This software can turn your wireless-capable computer into a virtual router thus allowing you to use the same Internet connection on multiple devices.

The interface is definitely one of the aces up its sleeve because everything is designed to make the whole process very easy to use even by those uninitiated in creating and maintaining such wireless connections.

The configuration process can be done in a minute as Connectify prompts you to choose the hotspot name the password the WiFi device to be used the security mode and choose whether to enable Internet sharing or not.

You have full control over your wireless network all the time so you will know exactly who is connected to your server. Among its advanced features Connectify enables you to explore shared resources from the devices that are paired with your system.

We've tested the application on a Windows 7 laptop and everything worked quite smoothly and we had an Access Point up and running in a couple of minutes. Conveniently enough the application does all the required tasks automatically including the wireless card firewall and Internet sharing configurations.

All in all Connectify puts up a decent performance and thanks to its solid feature pack it can definitely be a solution for anyone who wants to share the Internet connection at work or at home.

Key Features 
Software-based Wireless Router
Take any intemet connection and share it wirelessly with no additional hardware

Connect with Mobile Devices
Easily connect any number ot WiFi enabled devices to your mobile network

Windows XP / Vista / 7
Modem (Internet connection)


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