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20 December 2012

Peter Pan Adventures in Neverland PC Game Free Download

One day, Peter Pan learns from his ever helpful friend Tinker Bell that treasure is hidden somewhere in Never Land and that Captain Hook has a map that leads right to it. Before Peter Pan can even begin his search, Captain Hook slices the map into four pieces and the wind carries the pieces away. Now only Hook knows the Treasures hiding place. Its a race to find the missing map pieces and beat Captain Hook to the Treasure. If thats not enough, Captain Hook and his pirate crew have kidnapped Peter Pans friends the Lost Boys. Peter will need to defeat Hooks pirates and save his friends. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is on his way to the treasure with nothing to slow him down. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell need your help to find the map pieces, rescue the
Lost Boys, and beat Captain Hook to the Treasure. Are you up to the challenge?


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