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19 July 2012

ABC 4 Kids Workshop 4.0 Full Version Free Download

ABC 4 Kids Workshop is a highly popular ABC Kids Multimedia spelling games software used Worldwide in over 75 Countries for Kids to learn English ABC Alphabets and Word spelling activities using Pictures, Realistic Speech Audio and Self testing via a easy Graphical and Audio Visual oriented process. Includes full Alphabets from A to Z, over 100 different Picture Objects to spell, Realistic Voice to Text Speech Engines to teach the Alphabets, spelling activities, pronunciation and a Self testing module to test out spelling. The ABC Kids spelling games program makes learning the Alphabets and grasping the basic spelling activities & concepts easy, using a logical step by step process that is both interesting and fun to use for the average school going child. The Voice synthesizer teaches both the accurate pronunciation of the word and its correct spelling as well. The Self Testing mode has automatic testing and correction features embedded in the program, which can be used to self check the learning progress. The software has been designed for ease of use, fast setup and interactivity. The program is fully Multimedia based with Audio visual output and Windows based interface specifically designed for children.


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