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9 July 2012

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Full Version Free Download

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 is a video editing suite bundled with a generous set of templates, effects and rendering tools that makes similar software sit at the back of the line. 
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 encourages creativity with the advanced composition tools and the amazing motion design capabilities. Tasks involving the creation of tutorials and presentations can be accomplished via the screen recording feature. And to top it all off, the created content can be shared everywhere making use of the HTML5 technology that allows you to add the videos to your website.
the professional approach also extends to the interface that provides a flexible workspace and a step by step guide that instructs you through the steps of video editing. The three stages that can turn a regular home video into an exquisite work of art are the following: Capture, Edit and Share.
Files can be imported from various sources: you can capture the video, import from digital media or a mobile device. Drag and drop is supported, so browsing for the clips you want to process is not compulsory.
Editing is the step where you can get creative. The software offers a rich collection of templates, allowing you to add text, pictures and music to the original files. You can design animated movies via the Stop Motion feature from a series of photos. Basic operations such as split or trim are also available. 
The Share tab refers mainly to exporting the edited content, but options to upload to the web are also a choice. You can change the video initial format, create a sound file (such as WAV, MP4, or WMA), create a disc and export to a mobile device.
In short, Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 makes your memories last. The innovative HTML authoring, together with the DVD/Blu-Ray creation and sharing options surpass the expectations of most users in terms of video editing.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 for simple Movie Making
Corel introduces VideoStudio Pro X4 video editing software that lets anyone create and share their professional quality videos. This latest version includes all new, creative features to enable you to add Hollywood style effects to your movies. It offers new Time lapse tools that let you easily deliver the high quality, photographic look and the new Stop Motion feature automates this traditional, time consuming animation process. In addition, there are new capabilities that make it easy to create a 3D look from your 2D video...

Press Summary
Complete HD Video Editing, DVD Burning and Blu-ray Authoring Software Makes it Fast and Easy for Everyone to Get Creative with Video 

Corel today introduces Corel VideoStudio Pro X4, the new version of its powerful video editing software that lets anyone create and share professional quality videos. With outstanding speed and easy ways to bring great looking movies to the screen, VideoStudio Pro X4 combines power and simplicity to break down the barriers to video editing.

Simplified and Powerful Video Editing for Everyone
Whether you a new user or have a long time passion for video editing, VideoStudio Pro X4 is an ideal choice with its uncomplicated approach to movie making, impressive effects and outstanding speed to results.

This latest version includes all new, creative features to enable anyone to add Hollywood style effects to their movies. VideoStudio Pro X4 offers new Time lapse tools that let you easily deliver the high quality, photographic look of professional productions as your movie speeds your audience through time. The new Stop Motion feature automates this traditional, time consuming animation process, taking away the complexity of bringing objects like toys or figures to life. In addition, there are new capabilities that make it easy to create a 3D look from your 2D video, emulating the immersive feel of 3D movies on the big screen.

Making the editing process faster than ever, VideoStudio Pro X4 delivers unprecedented performance with new optimization for 2nd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) and AMD Fusion processors. For users who may not have the latest hardware, VideoStudio Pro offers the unique Smart Proxy feature as well as support for CUDA, GPU acceleration and multi core processing to provide quick and responsive editing.

With HD everywhere from the living room to your mobile device, we surrounded by stunning video. With VideoStudio Pro X4, we giving users the tools to confidently jump into editing their own professional looking movies fast, said Jan Piros, who leads product management for Corel VideoStudio Pro. Everything we've done in X4 is designed to accelerate the video editing process and let you maintain your creative flow as you realize your vision on screen. With a powerful collection of new features, VideoStudio Pro X4 dramatically expands the possibilities of what anyone, even kids, can do with consumer video editing software.

Today, more people are capturing and editing video than ever before, said Kathleen Maher, Senior Analyst at Jon Peddie Research. The most successful software packages are not only about lots of features, they about helping people make movies they can be proud of and distribute and show anywhere. Corel new VideoStudio Pro X4 is an example of this new breed of video product.

New and Enhanced Features in Corel VideoStudio Pro X4

  • New Stop Motion animation: Have fun making movies that bring inanimate objects to life. Capture images from webcams, camcorders and DSLR cameras and use the automated tools and settings to simplify the stop motion animation process. 
  • New Speed/Time lapse: Easily create time lapse effects from a series of photos or video clips and give your movies the professional look of speeding up time. With the ability to handle full resolution files and very large size image sets, this is a perfect tool for HD DSLR photographers. 
  • New Processor optimization: Offering exceptional power and speed, VideoStudio Pro X4 is optimized for the new 2nd generation Intel Core and AMD Fusion processors. 
  • Enhanced Integrated HD authoring and burning: Ideal for upgrade customers, it easier than ever to author HD movies to DVD and Blu ray Disc with tightly integrated disc creation tools. 
  • New 3D export: Convert 2D video clips into 3D files with presets for 3D output on DVD, Blu ray, and AVCHD discs, as well as WMV 3D formats for mobile. Box versions also include a pair of 3D glasses. 
  • New Customizable Workspace: Set up your workspace the way you want including across dual monitors. 
  • Enhanced Web sharing: With presets for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr in both HD and SD formats, it easy to upload directly to your site of choice. 
  • New  Import/Export Movie Templates: Make your own templates and effects that you can upload and share with other VideoStudio Pro X4 users. 
  • Enhanced Corel Guide: Get the tools you need to make great movies with free in product training videos delivered through the Corel Guide. Click on the Corel Guide inside VideoStudio Pro X4 to access an array of useful information, Help, product updates and add ons, downloadable media packs, and more. 
  • Enhanced Smart Package: Automatically gather your entire project video, photo, and audio files  into one folder you can take with you while choosing a custom compression method and secure with password encryption, powered by newly integrated WinZip technology. 
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