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15 July 2012

Nero Burning ROM 11 Full Version Free Download

Nero Burning ROM is a classic program that allows you to burn to disk. Anything goes, from data disks to audio CDs and HD DVDs. The program offers a range of options that is practically unmatched, and makes burning CDs and DVDs as flexible as possible.

Nero Burning ROM was the original Nero application and, some would argue, also the best. As a burning application, it excels. Nero Burning ROM is by no means the simplest app on the market, but what it lacks in simplicity, it makes up for in quality, configuration choices and speed.

In broad terms, you can use Nero Burning ROM to burn and copy to CDs, DVDs and DVD and CD ROMS. So far, so normal. What differentiates the application from its competitors, however, are its excellent configuration options you see them as soon as you open the program. They might be overwhelming for beginners, but it should take long to get to grips with them. Once you do, you see this choice as one of Nero Burning ROM major advantages.

This app does stop at configuration options, however. Nero Burning ROM also offers lots of secondary tools which means there a good chance you be able to meet all your CD/DVD needs from within the same program. There an encoder, compilation tool, built in recorder and disc explorer.

Using Nero Burning ROM you can save audio files from an Audio CD to the hard drive. In the process, the files are encoded, i.e. converted into a format that the computer can read. The Audio CD can be automatically identified with Gracenote. So called metadata such as title, genre, and track title are accessed by the Gracenote Media Database and associated to the tracks. That way you have audio files that are accurately and fully named after the encoding process.

                                Key Features of Nero Burning ROM
  1. High quality disc burning and copying for superior quality playback
  2. Easy drag & drop burning to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  3. Split oversized files to burn onto multiple discs at one time
  4. Ensure data readability regardless of scratches, age or deterioration
  5. Enhance security levels with personal passwords and encryption


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